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All Schemes require their members to remain alert to any criminal or suspicious activity going on in their neighbourhood and reporting it, without delay, to the Police. Additionally, NHW Schemes encourage households to take common sense crime prevention measures to secure their property.

Some Schemes hold regular meetings to keep their members up to date with issues that directly affect them, whilst other Schemes distribute newsletters or organise special events to raise security awareness. In Clifton, for example, recently some home safety items were distributed to members, discounted SMARTWATER offered and new NHW street signage is being organised.

As a guideline, the basic roles and responsibilities for members of a Scheme are shown HERE.

Would you like to consider joining us? Find out more, HERE. Other useful links are provided HERE.

We are grateful for the publishers of the CLIFTON CHRONICLES for allowing us to contribute to the village magazine.

 In Clifton, we have schemes with     coordinators in

 Burrows Close

 Chapel Close

 Fairfax Close

 Lime Tree Road


 New Road

 Shefford Road (2+)

 Spring Road.

Each NHW group is defined as a “Scheme” and can be formed by a small number of houses, a whole street or even an entire housing estate. In Clifton, we have upwards of seven street Schemes, plus a large number of members unattached to a Scheme. Each Scheme is organised by a Street (Scheme) Coordinator and an Area Coordinator provides support and assistance to all NHW Schemes in their designated district. Clifton NHW is a member of the Central Bedfordshire NHW. There is also a national group.

All NHW Schemes are voluntary community initiatives, which are supported by the Police, but are not run by them.

The effectiveness of each Scheme depends on the efforts and enthusiasm of its members and its activities reflect what the members are happy to do.

 Bilberry Road

 Birch Close

 Broad Street

 Bunyans Close

 Church Street

 Clifton Park

 Elm Farm Close

Grange Street

Hitchin Lane

Knolls Way

Manor Close

Newis Crescent

Pedley Farm Close

Pedley Lane

Shefford Road

Stockbridge Road

Whiston Crescent

Yew Tree Walk

We have members in the following roads, without street coordinators.We are looking for coordinators, please?:


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Promoting Safer Communities in Central Bedfordshire



You may contact us at or Terry Whiffen 07482 790269

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