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You may contact us at or Terry Whiffen 07482 790269

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The first stage is to enrol you onto the village NHW register. You will then receive a welcome pack of home security material (“goody bag”) and be invited to any relevant events or offers that might arise.

The next stage (optional) is enrolment onto the community messaging service, Beds Alert. (Click HERE for more information on Beds Alert). You may remember years ago, that NHW organisers would send round printed news material with a circulation slip attached. This was simple, but often fell down when material was not passed on to the next member. Next came RINGMASTER, a telephone based recorded message service. This has now been replaced by Beds Alert, which really only caters for those with email. This circulates messages via email to all registered members. SMS and voicemail options are offered also, but are inactive at present due to cost considerations. Some Street Organisers take it upon themselves to print out selected messages and circulate these physically to those without email - but that is entirely at their discretion.

JOIN NHW and/or Beds Alert by filling in our form:

If you have computer printing facilities, click HERE, then print the form, fill it in and pop it round to 3 Fairfax Close. You will eventually receive confirmation of registration, your goody bag then instructions on how to tailor the Beds Alert messages to reflect your interests.

If you do not have printing facilities, email  and a form should reach you in due course. Again, fill it in and pop it round to 3 Fairfax Close.

Alternatively, you may like to ‘do-it-yourself” on line. Click HERE to try this option.