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SMARTWATER - We had planned to run an event later in the year about SMARTWATER – however an opportunity has occurred that we would like to quickly bring to your attention.

SMARTWATER is a Police-approved forensic property marking kit. It makes a uniquely coded DNA mark when applied to valuables. If these are stolen then retrieved it gives 100% traceability back to the owners, thus helping a conviction to be secured and the property to be returned. Full details are to be had at The manufacturers sell a home security pack for £60/annum which includes a home and vehicle marking kit. They offer Bedfordshire NHW members a simpler-packed kit just for home use for an initial payment of £15, with no recurring payment. This price is expected to rise, shortly. Before this happens, we can offer members the kits at the £15 price on a ‘first-come / first served’ basis. We can reserve them up receipt of a cheque made payable to Bedford and District NHW (or cash!). Please contact me as below if you would like one. Non-members can order a kit if they join at the same time.